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The Hartford’s customer service center is convenient and helpful for business insurance policyholders. You can pay bills, access documents, or request a certificate of insurance. The customer service center also offers business insurance policy holders information on how to prepare for a premium audit. An audit helps ensure you’re paying the right amount for your coverage. Gillette is happy to sell its Mach3 razor handle at cost or for a lower price in order to get steady customers for its more profitable razor blades.

It’s important to protect your company with business insurance coverage that reflects the risks and unique exposures that your organization faces. This is why it is important to engage aninsurance professional with experience covering your business type to help you tailor a business insurance solution to your company. Just as you’d view your personal credit report to check your financial history, the same information can be reviewed for your business. That’s because the minute you start a business, credit bureaus begin to develop a business credit report on your company.

Business plans help investors evaluate companies that interest them. Assess your risksExposure refers to how susceptible your business is to risks. The specific risks that affect your business determine what types of insurance you need. For example, if you’re at high risk of a data breach, you want to be sure your business insurance covers this. The exposure base can be measured by payroll, receipts, sales and per $1,000 value .Work with your insurance agent to create a list of risks that affect your company. Many top providers offer free resources to help you decide on the best plans, including calculators to determine the coverage limits you require, loss control expertise to help you avoid losses and detailed claims procedures for when an incident does occur.

Some changes may be possible online, depending on the lender.You may want to change providers if your company grows. For example, you might only need general liability insurance to start. As you add employees and purchase office space, you may need property coverage, workers’ compensation or other types of coverage.

Finally, Mark Johnson provides a list of nineteen types of business models and the organizations that use them. A holding company is a business entity—usually a corporation or limited liability company . Typically, a holding company doesn’t manufacture anything, sell any products or services, or conduct any other business operations. Rather, holding companies hold the controlling stock in other companies. Business is any commercial activity that earns you money when you provide goods or services.

Private finance companies range from the local mortgage broker who specializes in refinancing or making new loans to homeowners to the factoring companies that acquire or finance account receivables for small businesses. The decision to pursue a specific finance company specialty should be based upon your interest, your experiences, and the likelihood of success.Many finance companies are founded by former employees of existing companies. For example, former loan officers, underwriters, and broker associates create new mortgage brokerage firms specializing in a specific type of loan or working with a single lender. Finance companies provide loans to individual and commercial customers for a variety of reasons. Commercial customers can include retail stores, small businesses or large firms.

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